The Grey Coat Hospital

Church of England Comprehensive School for Girls

History Club

Coinciding with the Year 7’s PSHE work on Community and Citizenship, the Year 7 History Club taught their peer group about the History of the school.

Each form had three History Club students, and these students all delivered a full 50 minute lesson. They even marked their fellow students ‘answers in relation to the History of Grey Coat Quiz!

Lessons included the handing out of apple pies (as the school once received 123 of them as a donation from the local community in the early 1700s); the taking part in an air raid drill (evoking the spirit of the Old Greys who endured the Blitz); the realisation that many of the school rules from 70 years ago hadn’t changed (!); and the acting out of the tragic murder of Mrs Martin, the school nurse in 1773, as the rest of the school were at Prayers.

I was thoroughly impressed by the student’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the History of the school. It was also pleasing to see each group of students teach the content in their own individual way. It was clear that many of them had prepared their lesson thoroughly and were keen to pass on their knowledge. A superb group of historians! I cannot wait until they teach these lessons to next year’s Year 7 cohort! Well done ladies!

Mr Haines

History Club Takes the Long View

The newly formed History Club are a breath of fresh air and have been working enthusiastically since the start of 2014. We began our club by looking at and presenting individual family trees. We also recently analysed the role of World War Two posters and videos from the Ministry of Information.

Furthermore, we have been on two small trips already.

Firstly, we visited our neighbours at the London Scottish TA Centre on Horseferry Road to visit the memorials there for soldiers who died during the Boer War, World War One and World War Two. Their museum also features many fascinating artefacts from these conflicts, including a Vickers Machine Gun and a collection of Victoria Crosses.

Most recently, the girls walked along Whitehall to visit the place at Banqueting House where Charles I was beheaded in 1649. This marked the end of the Civil War and the introduction of a ‘new’ England, led by Oliver Cromwell and his Parliament. At this site, the girls read (or shouted due to the traffic!) an eyewitness account of Charles’ regicide.

Presently too, the girls are working on a History Quiz for the whole of Year 7 to take part in, with prizes for the winners.

These Year 7 students are a delight to work with. They bring total enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn, applying their History skills in class to the Club confidently.

Mr Haines