The Grey Coat Hospital

Church of England Comprehensive School for Girls

List of Governors

Foundation Governors

Ex Officio

Appointed by The Dean and Chapter of The Collegiate Church of St Peter Westminster: 

The Rev Canon Dr J Hawkey MA, Mphil PhD

 Appointed by the London Diocesan Board for Schools

Ms N. S. Cottier BEd 

Appointed by the Trustees

Miss E. M. Gibson

Mr J. O. Nesbitt ARICS

Mrs J. Schroer BA

Mr F. S. Schulenburg BA

Mr J. Slater FCA

Mrs R.N. Stewart BSc

Non Foundation Governors

Mr R. D.Clark (Acting Chair)

Mrs C. E. Acraman, BSc, MSc (Teaching Staff Governor)

Mrs P. Swan, BA, MSc (Support Staff Governor)

Dr M. Hetherington, BDS, MSc (Paeds) FDS (Elected Parent Governor)

Dr G.A. Thomas, PhD, CEng, FRINA (Elected Parent Governor)

To contact the governing body write to them at:

The Foundation Office, The United Westminster & Grey Coat Foundation, Pouchot Building, 57 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HJ