The Grey Coat Hospital

Church of England Comprehensive School for Girls

Film Studies


This course will expand your understanding of what is meant by film. If you take A Level Film Studies you will have an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of a variety of genres and directors whilst also getting behind the camera yourself. The course will take you on a journey from early film to its most contemporary and experimental expressions. You will also look beyond British and American borders to film in a global context. This is a creative course which also offers an opportunity for analysis and evaluation of a wide variety of styles of film- making.


  • A history and love of watching films
  • An interest in the technical aspects of film-making
  • Analysis of a wide variety of different types of film text
  • Ability to evaluate extracts in detail but also make links to the film as a whole
  • Ability to engage with theoretical ideas as well as details from texts
  • Ability to relate films to their cultural and historical context
  • Ability to organise and manage a long-term practical project
  • Participation in group work
  • Capacity for independent study



Component One: Varieties of films and filmmaking

Vertigo; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Little Women; Moonlight; Fish Tank; Under The Skin

Exam paper

2 hours 30 minutes 35% of total A Level

Component Two: Global Filmmaking Perspectives

Pan’s Labyrinth; City of God; Amy; Spies; Memento

Exam paper

2 hours 30 minutes 35% of total A Level


Production: Making Short Film


30% of total A Level


The Film Studies results for 2023 were as follows:
70% of students gained an A* - B grade
90% of students gained an A* - C grade.


Students have the opportunity to use the BFI Library and make use of the NFT which is on our doorstep. Most recently students have had the opportunity to attend a study day at the BFI perfectly tailored to a significant component of their exam. Very recently we took the Year 12 group to the BFI to view Cronos, the first feature by Guillermo del Toro, one of the film directors studied on the course.


The combination of analytical and production elements means that Film Studies combines effectively with the full range of A Level subjects, demonstrated by former pupils with both arts and stem specialisms enjoying the course, performing well and developing their academic and practical abilities.