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Eco Club

Eco club is a group of budding young environmentalists who meet every Monday to carry out projects related to improving the environment of our school and raising environmental awareness amongst the students and staff at The Grey Coat Hospital. 

This year the Eco Club have held an Eco Week which involved many Grey Coat girls getting involved in exciting activities such as the 'Trashion Show', a Recycling Relay and dressing up as a Giant Polar Bear! The girls have also organised cake sales to raise money for Greenpeace and have presented assemblies to the whole of lower school to help raise awareness. Currently Eco club is growing it's very own vegetables and creating an 'Eco Corner' for others to enjoy. We hope to have a nice crop of vegetables to try before the summer, and are looking forward to releasing butterflies later on this term!

Miss Salter

Eco Club’s account of Eco Week


Eco Club, an organisation of ambitious people from Lower School who care about polar bears, pandas and their dying habitats, organised an ‘Eco Week’, raising awareness amongst the students of Grey Coat –the new generation, and our hope for our polluted planet.

Eco Week started with a bang! After our opening assembly we started off the week with a fundraising sale. We decided to support Greenpeace, and what better than with a cake sale to attract people’s attention? We made scrummy home-made cakes and cookies, which sold without leaving a single crumb! We also sold funky recycled crisp-packet keyrings which we had been making after school, at lunch and even at home. We also made other eco-friendly items including bookmarks and badges made from recycled paper and sweet wrappers, and stuck together with home-made glue! All the proceeds went to Greenpeace, a great cause!

At lunchtime the Trashion Show took place. This consisted of teams of four, creating an outfit made out of rubbish! Many participated and even more came to watch. At the end, a model from each team presented their outfit whilst strutting their stuff down the catwalk. It was hard to choose a winner, but eventually we decided to crown Rebekah, Hera and Jenny the winners.

On Wednesday we had a ‘No-Paper Day’ where teachers were encouraged to not use any paper in their lessons wherever possible. This proved to be a challenge in some cases, but overall we think it was a success and made teachers more aware of how much paper they use.

On Thursday we had a very exciting activity –a recycling relay in the playground! The wind was against us but we pulled through with success! The students particularly liked the guest appearances of a life-sized polar bear and orangutan! We also had a range of activities throughout the week, for example an environmental Treasure Hunt around the school and an Eco Logo competition which were all popular.

Overall we think Eco Week was a success, not just in raising money for Greenpeace but in raising awareness around the school. We hope that everyone at home will get involved and that the students of The Grey Coat Hospital continue to think about the environment in the things they do.

The Eco Committee